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United Kingdom

United Kingdom (UK) Visa Requirements

Personal Requirement

  • International passport ( 6 months validity)
  • Biodata page
  • 2 passport photos
  • Proof of employment
  • 6 month bank statement
  • 6 months pay slip
  • Introduction letter from employer
  • Self introduction letter
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Official I.d card
  • Family pictures
  • Assets e.g landed properties, shares (if any)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (if you own the business)
  • Consent letter from Husband/wife

From Sponsor 

  • International passport bio data page
  • Sponsorship letter
  • Bank statements Valid up to 6 month, stamp and sign
  • Self introduction letter
  • Introduction letter from the company
  • Company’s details Employment letter, pay slip, (Certificate of incorporation, Registration of business name, tax clearance etc. if you owns the company.

From Invitee

  • Letter of invitation / Introduction letter
  • Bio data page of international passport
  • Utility bills, water bills etc
  • 6 months bank statements duly signed and stamp
  • Residence permit (photocopy)
  • Driver’s license (photocopy)
  • Letter from Employer stating your position with company’s stamp and signature
  • 6 months pay slip


  • Bio Data page
  • 2 passport photographs
  • International passport, 6 months validity
  • Six Months bank statements
  • Reference letter from the bank
  • 6 months Payslip
  • Employment letter
  • Official I. D card
  • Statement of terms and conditions of employment of an overseas domestic worker in a private household in UK.
  • Introduction letter from the office (employer)
  • Self-introduction letter
  • Medical card.
  • Co-operative scheme letter if available
  • Photographs of present and previous travel with the children
  • Employers bio data page and visa copies
  • Employer’s children data pages.
  • Undertaken form
  • Confirmation of tax paid
  • Confirmation of health insurance paid


  • Bio data page
  • 6 months Bank statements with a reference letter from the bank
  • Official I. D card
  • Introduction letter from the office
  • Self introduction letter
  • Sponsorship letter
  • Company’s details Employment letter, pay slip, (Certificate of incorporation, Registration of business name, tax clearance etc if you owns the company.
  • Copies of visa pages
  • Landed Property documents if available
  • Family pictures
  • Marriage certificate

Embassy or High Commision in Nigeria

United Kingdom (UK) High Commission
Address: 19 Torrens Close, Mississippi, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: +234-9-4622200, Fax: +234-9-4622263

Need a UK Visa? Visa contact person at HEC: 09078875986

Please kindly download the below forms, fill and send for quick visa processing.