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Ignite Your Knowledge

Aviation Training

We teach over 20 classes a week to over 100 members, at all levels no matter your experience (our tutors are with an average of 10 years in the business).


IATA Courses

Learn it with our Experienced Tutors

  • IATA Diploma Courses Advanced Skills in Journey Pricing and Ticketing
  • Foundation in Travel and Tourism with Amadeus
  • Foundation in Travel and Tourism with Sabre
  • Foundation in Travel and Tourism with Galileo
  • Fundamental Skills in Journey Pricing and Ticketing
  • Global Distribution Systems fares and Ticketing Course
  • Managing the Travel Business
  • Selling and Managing Airline Reservations and Travel in Amadeus (SMART)
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant
  • E-Learning BSP Essentials for Travel Agent
  • Destination Geography
  • Geography in Travel Planning
  • Harvard Management for IATA students and Graduates
  • Travel Agency Fees: A professional Approach
  • Ticketing, Repricing, Exchange and Reissue

Basic Reservation and Fare

gent, Newbees and the community are invited for an in-depth training to get you certified and recognised, currently featured programmes at HEC.

Mode: Classroom teaching, eLearning classes

Duration: 2 weeks (4 hours  daily, 3 times a week)

  • Revision on PNR and Fare
  • Issuance of ticket
  • Fare quote notes and rules
  • Fare calculation and Reissue/Revalidation:
  • Reissue of unused ticket
  • Reissue of partly flown ticket
  • Reissue with ghost booking
  • Refund and Fare Calculation
  • Refund of unused ticket (full refund/basic refund)
  • Refund of partly used ticket

Certificate issued after a examination.

Flight ticketing and Fare Calculation

  • Introduction to GDS platform
  • Encoding and Decoding basic aviation subjects
  • Availability display and selling of seat
  • Generating a basic Passenger Name Record
  • Other service information
  • Special service request
  • Fare pricing and fare quote note
  • Modification of PNR
  • Queueing bookings and sending mail.

Hotel Reservation and Fare:

  • Course content
  • Introduction to GDS platform
  • Coding and decoding hotel chain
  • Hotel list display
  • Hotel availability and rates display
  • Hotel PNR creation
  • Hotel features display
  • Hotel pricing
  • Modification of hotel element
  • Sending to mail
  • Issuing and changes/li>